Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Personal Memoirs

"One day when I was visiting Red Bank, Mother and I were sitting alone at the kitchen table talking about years gone by...

Suddenly she turned to me and said, 'Betty Clare, I have a confession to make....'

By now my heart was pounding. I couldn't believe what I was hearing."
from In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, messenger for the Ascended MastersWhether you are just finding Elizabeth Clare Prophet for the first time or have known her from conferences at Colorado Springs, Pasadena, Camelot or the Heart of the Inner Retreat, these memoirs, covering twenty-two years—more complete than any other—provide a rare insight into her early life.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet's autobiography, In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic, available from Summit University Press.

In 1991, Mrs. Prophet and members of her editorial staff first began work on her autobiography. Their writing and research continued over the next few years. The original outline was filled in from her many published and unpublished lectures and interviews.

Discover her joys, heartbreaks, challenges and triumphs as she speaks for herself in an unflinching view of the struggles and triumphs that helped to define her life and work as a spiritual leader.

This memoir is a glimpse into the life and character of an extraordinary figure in New Age spirituality. It offers an intimate look into what it means to be a mystic in today's world.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet's autobiographyElizabeth Clare Prophet's Autobiography: